Friday, August 17, 2012

Ramadan Challenge Day 29 - Sumayyah, the first martyr of Islam

Ramadan 2012 is coming to an end sadly. I thought I will try and instead of losing focus with the Eid preparations, I would try and go back to the spirit of Ramadan and what I should have taken away from this Challenge for myself. In a recent article on MuslimMatters, I read about some of the famous incidents that had occurred in world history where the author showed Muslims as actively coming together and it reminded of the sacrificing nature that we are meant to take away from Ramadan. 

With keeping ourselves hungry and thirsty throughout the day and abstaining from all horrible actions that we should be staying away from any way i.e swearing, cursing, lying, smoking etc Allah ta'ala is preparing us to be resilient, focussed people when in times of need. These attributes of sacrifice in the face of gratitude were what exemplified early Muslims and today's story is about the first martyr of Islam, who sacrificed her life to stand by what she believed to be the Truth. Her name was Sumayyah bint Khabbab and she was the first martyr (shaheed) of Islam.

Sumayya bint Khabbab was the mother of Hazrat Ammar ibn Yasir and the seventh person to enter Islam. Hazrat Yasir bin Amir, was her husband, and was killed right after her becoming the second martyr in Islam.  

Yasir bin 'Amir Al- 'Ansiy came from Yemen to Mecca where he allied with Abu Hudhaifa who offered him to marry his slave, after freeing her, Sumayya, a revered person in the society. They had two sons, Ammar and Abdullah who were brought up with a lot of love and care with the highest moral grounds established in pre-Islamic Arabia in the Quraish tribe. When the Holy Prophet (pbuh) brought Islam to Mecca, Yasir and Sumayyah converted to Islam immediately and brought its teachings to their son who too followed suit.

At the time Makhzum tribe showed utmost hatred towards Islam and the Holy Prophet, their chief being Abu Jahl. Early Islam suffered immense persecution in Mecca and although early Muslims met in secret, there were a group of Muslims who insisted that they declare their adoption of Islam. Sumayyah's family were amongst this group, obviously enraging Abu Jahl's clan.

When they approached Yasir and his family, their confirmed their allegiance to the One Allah and His Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). On hearing this, they inflicted the most horrendous form of torture on Yasir, Sumayyah and their family dragging them across the desert, chaining and whipping them even at their old age. Although the Muslim community was too weak at the time, they had solace in hearing the Prophet (pbuh) tell them that they will be the dwellers of Paradise. 

Paradise was the only thing the Yasir family strove for and were prepared to sacrifice any thing for it. Their resistance and faith only grew with their sacrifices. Abu Jahl seeing Sumayyah's strength, tried to win her over, but she was not convinced. He threatened her with his spear and spat on her face. At this moment, he stabbed her in her lower abdomen in front of her family and killed her. Thus, Sumayyah became the first martyr of Islam.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) prayed for the Yasir family saying, "Oh Allah, do not admit any one of the family of Yasir to Hellfire."


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