Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ramadan Challenge Day 23 - Aabidah Al-Madaniyah (the slave girl)

Women with great authority on ahadith came from all segments of society whether it be royalty or slaves of the time. Yesterday I wrote about Zainab bint Sulaiman who was a princess but more widely renowned as a scholar of Hadith. Today, I learnt about Aabidah Al-Madaniyah,  a slave girl with the same authority. It is heartening to see how knowledge gives precedence over any form of worldly status. 

Abidah al Madaniyah was a slave of Muhammad ibn Yazid who had learnt a great number of ahadith from scholars in Medina. When Habib Dahhun, someone with great scholarly knowledge of Hadith himself from Spain, was visiting Jerusalem on his way to Hajj, her master gave her as to Dhahhun.

Dahhun was so highly impressed by her knowledge that he not only freed her, but also married her, and brought her to Andalusia in Spain. It is said that she related 10,000 hadiths on the authority of her Madinan teachers.


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