Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ramadan Challenge Day 13: Azdah bint al-Harith bin Kaldah (strategist)

Key players in any battle-field are the strategists and although they don't receive the same limelight as those who pick up swords and guns, it is the strategy of war or clever schemes devised by others in the battle field that lead the "soldiers" or "knights" to success.

Azdah bint al-Harith bin Kaldah, was one such strategist. She participated in the battle by the Al-Mughrab led by Mughirah bin Shu'bah when the people of Maisan had put together an army to challenge the Muslims. Maisan is located in Iraq and located between Basra and Wasit.

They waited but not all of the enemy showed up together. Seeing that the Muslim army appeared defenseless and remained exposed to the enemy, she told the other women:

“Our men are busy in combat with the enemy and I do not feel secure that the enemy might not turn back upon us, and we do not have anyone here to prevent them. And I also fear that the enemy may be too many for the Muslims and that they may defeat us.”

Azdah bint al-Harith advised the women to tie their headscarves to create a banner and charge towards the approaching enemy. She led this batallion of women calling out war poetry for the victory of Islam.
The enemy mistook the women for reinforcement troops and for fear of losing, retreated to the middleo f the battle where the Muslim men were waiting for them and chased them into defeat.

Thus, Azdah bint al-Hartih bin Kaldah played a pivotal role in the victory of Muslims in this war.

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